Where have you travelled?

Mark countries, track flights, make a wish list.

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Visited countries

Mark which countries you have visited on the world map!

Map view

View the whole world, or pick your continent.

Easy groups

Group visited countries together, or keep all of them in an alphabetical order.


Easily see how many countries you have visited in total, or per continent, as well as totalt percentages (%).

Add your flight history

For real aviation geeks; view all the flight paths you have even flown, and how far.

Map view

View all the flight paths you have even flown on the world map.

Easily add your flights

Pick from a list of basically all airports in the world.


See your total distance flown and which airports you have visited the most.

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Wish list

Add countries you wish to visit in the future, to help you pick when you're planning your next destination.


Group your countries wish list for you to know which ones you really want to go to the most.


Add additional notes to help you remember specific details, or to help you plan.


Check out your profile for additional statistics.


Check out your totals; countries, flights; miles flown, etc.

Visited countries

See how many times you have visited flown to a country.

Visited airports

See how many times you have visited flown to an airport.

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Does it require an account?

No. You can use it without restriction without logging in (with Facebook). However, you will lose all your data if you delete the app, and won't be able to use the same account with other devices.

Does it work offline?

Yes! Use the app when you're in the air, or in the middle of nowhere! (Exception, if you want to log in with your Facebook account)

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